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Family Law - Counsel for all areas of the family

Whether you need counsel or direction about marriage, child custody, divorce, or a myriad of other areas, Marlene Katz can help you with all things regarding Family Law. From reproductive rights and adoption to paternity and domestic violence and other relevant topics, you can turn to Marlene Katz for legal insights, advisory, and resources to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Marlene’s practice includes consultation on any family law issue including guardianship, adoption, paternity, custody, visitation (including grandparent visitation), the family home, family pets, and family owned businesses. Marlene has consulted with hundreds of divorce attorneys on the financial issues related to family law including division of family property (including the family home), child support, alimony, and pension valuation. She is an expert in the use of the leading divorce financial planning software in the United States and can create scenarios with the software that give spouses various options to decide how they want their financial lives to look after divorce.

As a result of her work as policy adviser to the Canadian Government with respect to family law issues, Marlene can answer any questions regarding the policy reasons behind family law legislation. In addition, Marlene is licensed to practice family law in Canada and the United States and, as such, is well prepared to answer questions regarding jurisdiction or, in other words, what state or country has legal control over deciding a case. She has worked on cases under The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and can answer questions about removal of children from one country to another. She can also answer questions related to whether a spouse can move with their child of children to another state be it for reasons of work, a new relationship, being with family or otherwise. Marlene consults on any issue dealing with families and children whether those families and children are a product of marriage, divorce, same-sex marriage or otherwise (including single-parent households).

If you need help or have any questions regarding family laws, I would be happy to assist. You can reach me at marlene@marlenekatz.ca or 647-262-4557

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