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Keeping focus on what you value most… always.

Personalized, insightful and caring. These are some of the pillars of Marlene’s approach to working with clients. She balances this approach with a commitment to no-nonsense litigation and mediation that always begins with the end in mind.

Marlene is a zealous advocate in litigation and an objective third-party neutral in mediation. In either case, she provides a confidential, safe, and structured space to resolve her clients’ family law issues. In litigation she navigates the court system and in mediation she facilitates communication between both parents and helps them to work together to make decisions for themselves and their children. Those who choose mediation often feel that the power to make the best decisions for a family is best when it remains with the family. Those who choose litigation often prefer knowing that there is an attorney who is well equipped to zealously advocate for their clients’ singular positions and interests.

Marlene has shown that parents can put their faith in her as a third party neutral and take them on the journey from anger and anxiety to cooperation and calm. She is expertly able to create a safe space for parents to work together to meet their own needs and the needs of their children and achieve the resolution that is truly right for their family, finally.

About Marlene Katz

Thoughtful and thorough, Marlene has honed her professional acumen and her client-centric style by succeeding in some of the most impressive educational and professional environments. Marlene is a licensed attorney in the United States and Canada and, in addition to her J.D., earned her J.S.D. (equivalent to a PhD in Law) from Cornell Law School. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the impact of divorce on parents and their children and on what to do with the family home upon divorce.

Marlene is uniquely qualified to deal with any type of divorce or family law scenario. She is credentialed in mediation by the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Mediation Program, by the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation for Lawyers, (the leading negotiation/mediation program in the world), and by the Institute of Divorce Mediation. She is a member of the Ontario & Massachusetts chapters of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and serves on the Family Law Council of the Massachusetts Bar Association​.

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